Friday, January 14, 2011

no more "just"

So, we're not in San Antonio anymore.  We're in Marion Indiana, population 30,400.  We've been here for two months, and we have just six short months left. Thinking about those 6 short months, we knew we didn't want to spend a whole lot of time visiting different churches in the area.  

So we narrowed it down to two churches, and then we decided on the closest congregation, because we want to do more than just attend on Sundays.  And then on our second Sunday we told the pastor (several times, in our one conversation) that although we were here for just six months, we really wanted to get involved right away.  Really, really wanted to get involved, even if it was just for six months, and was there a small group we could get plugged into (because you know, we're just here for six months)?

And he said two things.

First, he said to stop saying just.  "You're not here 'just for six months,' you're here as long as God wants you, like the rest of us!"

Second, he asked us if we wanted to start a small group.

It took me aback!  But. We thought about it, and we prayed about it, and we talked quite a lot about it. We're no longer saying just, and  we've  been having people over, sharing with our new friends our desire to speak truth into one another's lives. And last week, Brett was asked to share our plans with the whole church, and next week, we'll have our first meeting.

And I'm nervous, and excited, and remembering that I want every moment of these six months to count...oh, and of course wondering what, exactly, I'm going to feed all these people....


  1. when? and what will you serve?
    scarey, yet exciting--seems to so often descibe life, walking in the spirit. with love and blessings.

  2. we don't start until a week from tomorrow, and even then....I think we'll just be having coffee and a dessert while we brainstorm about what we want from our meetings. meals will probably depend on what the group decides -- every week? once a month? etc.

    you know how it goes : )

  3. Yay! Good for you, and good wise words from the pastor! So excited for you. I think hospitality is one of the funnest things to do with your husband, and doing it with other believers, awesome!

  4. How did it go? This sounded so perfect- all of it. Jump in- and if you are in the water. you may as well go all the way under, you know? :)
    Love you- I still have a little something for you, Italian style, I'll send it soon. Things have been busy around here. and around there too, it seems.