Monday, August 13, 2012

summer days

Yesterday, we got to hang out at the park...with our church.
(yeah, we were at the park, on a Sunday morning, with our church!)
We took a blanket, and our cheese and meat sandwiches, and everything Ivan could possibly need
(except for his pacifier, of course)
And we sat in the front row with our good friend Steph
(who also brought a blanket)
And we all sang together, under those big tall trees and great blue sky
(except for Ivan, who kept busy spitting up and staring at people over Brett's shoulder)
And then after that we all sat down to study God's Word
(except for me and Ivan -- we stood in the back because he didn't have his pacifier)

Together we studied about God's grace
(it's an amazing topic, isn't it?)
And I was reminded that "Ivan" means "God is gracious"
(or "gift of God", which is also good)

And I was thankful to be part of the church.
(what a great gift it is to be part of a Christian community, don't you think? )


  1. that's cool rachel - i guess having Ivan changes life a little bit. and sunday mornings look a bit different :) more full. church in the park is such a great idea! will you guys do this often?

    1. it's such a nice change of routine...the reason we did it was because we usually rent a large lecture room from the university, and that day it happened to be unavailable. In the past we've canceled the a.m. service and met in another church's building in the evening, but I think I liked this even better.

  2. lovely day with the church; hugs for Steph--how nice to share a blanket under a tree and think about God's amazing grace,