Friday, December 14, 2012

our Fifth Day of Christmas

The idea was to make a star for the top of our tree....but because I read the directions so quickly (and skipped the video entirely), I didn't have the right materials. And because I only had two sheets of paper (instead of six), we will hang the star I ended up with, rather than using it as a topper. I'm guessing that once one understands the directions for this paper craft, it'll take about 15 minutes to fold together. So, it's faster than the felt balls, but I think it's also a  little more pricey; I used a page and a half of scrapbooking paper (each page cut into fourths), which means I payed 90 cents for each star. It's Christmas, though, so I've decided to go ahead and splurge!*

So, if you're thinking ahead to next year (or want to give your sweet children a holiday project), this is where I found the directions. Both her stars and her pictures are better than mine, and she gives you the link to the video tutorial (which you'll have to play-and-pause about 20 times before you finish, just like me).
*even though I've only made one, I'm planning on going back for more paper to make a few more during our December watching of the Lord of the Rings. If all goes according to my plan, we're going to have a little community of stars on our tree!

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  1. beautiful and so clever-I love creating with paper (stashing and collecting paper!) We may get to try one or 2 of these beauties.
    Abi and I have been baking our way through the holiday week; yesterday it was cranberry coffee cake, always a winner! today something with fresh pumpkin. . .
    And you found "Snowflake Bentley"!