Sunday, December 23, 2012

our Seventh Day of Christmas

This project happened thanks to a lot of help from Brett and Ivan.. I mentioned to the guys that I'd like to have a family picture taken to send to our families. Brett has been encouraging me to actually finish my projects, and because I agree that he makes a good point (and also just because i like to make him happy) sending out a smaller number seems like the way to go. Anyway, last week sometime Brett said to me, why don't you guys come up to the office with lunch and we'll take our picture? So, mid-morning I dressed Ivan in his cool new shirt (from the Goodwill), found myself a scarf that coordinated,  scrubbed his hair into a little mohawk, and then off we went, up the hill and past all the students to Brett's office. Ivan had a difficult time looking at the camera, but aside from that did quite like I said, thanks to Brett (who orchestrated the event) and Ivan (who behaved quite splendidly), our family portrait is done...and in the mail two days ago!

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