Monday, November 18, 2013

don't worry, you can trust us

We spent the summer encouraging Ivan that he didn't need to worry when either Brett or I walked out the back door. He used to stand at the door and fuss that he was being left behind. I'm not positive, but I suspect that he doubted he could trust that parent to come back.

So we encouraged him that yes he could trust us, that no we wouldn't abandon him, and after about a month of this, he no longer stood at the door and cried. He learned to stand at the door and grin cheerfully, sometimes waving a chubby hand, sometimes chuckling merrily, and sometimes blowing sweet baby kisses.*

trusting can be hard work, don't you think? I figure we're doing him a favor, starting him off so early!

*the only way he will give us kisses, even now at 19 months. And although I'll keep trying for more, I've decided his air kisses are better than his biting kisses...


  1. So good! You and Brett ARE doing him a favor! Enjoyed the post!