Saturday, November 27, 2010

Countdown to a wedding: flowers and family

I think I may have driven my family crazy (and they're just too nice to say anything).  I knew I wanted green.  ooh, and yellow!  yes, and definitely white.  hydrangeas, roses, some chamomile, how about eucalyptus?  oh, just do whatever!  but not too big, and then mostly yellow for the bridesmaids.  Does that make sense?   

the flowers were beautiful.  I love my family (aunt beth!  meredith!  molly and allysa!  ya'll know you are amazing, right?).


  1. Is that Meredith in that picture?!! She is beautiful!! And I love all the color choices...

  2. yes, that IS Meredith, and she IS beautiful (and sweet, and creative, and talented, of course!)....all grown up since you met her those years ago. I was so glad that she was able to come (along with the other girl cousins), and disappointed that we didn't get to catch up (at.all.)