Saturday, November 27, 2010

Countdown to a wedding: the dress, almost done

setting: mom's project room
time: Tuesday before the wedding'
photographer: Mercy
lace: pinned on
goal: decide on hem lengths

First of all, I must say that putting those three skirts together was a crazy, harder-than-I-imagined task.  What can I say?  I like to dream big!  Brett kept wondering why I was still working on the skirt????  And since he didn't want to know anything about the dress, I couldn't say, "well, I cut the straight skirt too small and we had to re-adjust all the seams.  oh, and i'm making three layers of skirts, which means I have 7 seams...wait, no, we're doing french seams, so make that 14 seams.  and then I'm hand-stitching the lace on the bottom.  That's why the skirt is taking longer than the day I had optimistically estimated."

That's why on Tuesday, Mercy and Gab and I decided on the hem lengths (while mom made the chocolate wedding cake I was supposed to make).
On Wednesday, I put in the button loops (for the buttons inherited from Gab's wedding dress)
On Thursday, I finished the button loops and hand-stitched the lace on the hems (while Jamey and Naomi made the second chocolate wedding cake that I was supposed to make).
On Friday, Naomi sewed the seam up the back (while Abi? Nathaniel?  Joshua?  helped with the kids.  and Gab and her helpers were prepping for my rehearsal dinner)
this is how Newton weddings work.  everyone -- literally -- hits the ground running.
I was flitting about the city greeting wedding guests and meeting new family. I did nothing but chit-chat, the day before the wedding...which for some reason surprised me....
on Saturday, I wore it.

finished on friday, thanks to family, and it was lovely.


  1. I love seeing you in this dress. I wish I were there to offer help along with your other friends and family- but it looks and sounds like everything turned out wonderfully! "_

  2. Oh my Rachel.....I looked, I smiled, I cried, and I remembered such good Newton memories like making pies for Thanksgiving in Mexico, followed by tortilla soup from the leftover turkey. You looked beautiful. I know God planned for you and Brett, and so we know it will be good. I can hardly wait to meet him! I love you both, Aunt Elaine

  3. heather -- you were missed!!!! but really, with all these comments you're leaving, it's kind of like you were there : ) And yes, I DO think everything turned out wonderfully. Not everything like I planned, but the not-as-planned help remind us about what really matters...right?

    aunt elaine -- oh, what good memories! and just so you know, i'm still crimping my pie crusts like you taught me. So even if my pie crusts don't taste all that great, at least they're the prettiest : )
    And i'm looking forward to introducing Brett to you! I'm sure you'll enjoy him (and yes, I know I'm biased...)