Thursday, December 9, 2010

Countdown to a wedding: rehearsal dinner

I had a beautiful, delicious rehearsal dinner....hosted by my new father-in-law at the Mollenkopfs, and planned and carried out by my sister-in-law Gabrielle and her lovely helpers (two of them shown, but there were many many more, some that I know about and probably some that I don't....).

As an aside?  Gabrielle was one of my voices of reason through this planning.  Brett and I would have dinner, and then he would go home to my parents, and I would go home to Luke and Gab's, and I would try to remind myself out loud, to her, that what really mattered was that we were going to spend this day surrounded by people we love.  At least, I think that's what I would say.  But maybe she was the one who said it to me?  No matter.  It was said, and it was what I needed (sometimes more than others!).

Our wedding was in Texas and Dave was far away in Indiana.  Hmmmm....what to do, what to do? I think it was Luke's idea that they (they being Luke and Gab) be in charge of the rehearsal dinner instead of having it catered.  It was a great idea -- what's not to like? -- but, because Luke had to work (he's responsible like that), he delegated to other family members.  Enter Gabrielle and Jeremiah*, and have I mentioned how much I love my family?  

Gabrielle is amazingly organized -- don't let her tell you otherwise -- but that's not all.  She also has an appreciation for beauty. So she listened to my little daydreams about what my wedding would look like, and she recruited just the right people, and lo and behold, my rehearsal dinner.

it was lovely. 

my pumpkins!  and the ikea mugs i insisted on (as Brett and Popi would tell you)! at the perfect old table the Mollenkopfs had in some corner of the property...oh, those Mollenkopfs....they deserve a post of their own sometime soon

* oh, and Jeremiah? He's a good worker.  The kind of worker you want on your team. oooh, and he's fun to be around.  and have I mentioned that he's a responsible grown up now?  He was in charge of the meat.  and everyone knows you need someone responsible in charge of the meat.

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  1. and in the corner of the picture I see the plug I told Jeremiah I needed for the coffee pot...of course, he came through and made sure that coffee pot would perk along and be ready for dessert :)