Saturday, November 27, 2010

Countdown to a wedding: rehearsal

Friday morning 5 a.m.?  Thunder and rain.
Friday afternoon, 6?  Blue skies and not a (rain) cloud in sight.

Which makes me happy, because even though it's true we'll-be-married-at-the-end-of-the-day even if we get married in a church building, I really have my heart set on the Mollenkopfs' place.  I continue to remind myself that what really matters is that we will have our family and church to celebrate with us, no matter where the ceremony takes place.  But.

the clear skies on Friday give me hope that we will have clear skies on Saturday.

and the mollenkopfs' home is just as beautiful and comfortable as it has always been, and I don't feel nervous.  It feels right, standing up on that porch, listening to Joshua read us the vows that we will repeat to one another the following day.  It feels right and even natural, this getting ready to promise to be Brett's helper, and that makes me happy.  Even happier than the Texas clear blue sky makes me feel.

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