Saturday, May 28, 2011

speak truth (part 2)

This is where I'm at now, so in a way, it's harder to write about it. It seems as though  God is providing for  others and not for us (which I know isn't at all true, but isn't it interesting, that that's what I see?)

See, we're waiting to find out where God has us next.  We'll go anywhere, basically. We have no ties, and are excited about going as far away as Dubai, U.A.E. (thought it seems like they already filled that job) and open to going as near as...well, Muncie, Indiana (but they already filled that job as well). But, it hasn't made a difference. Our willingness to apply anywhere, to go anywhere, hasn't gotten us a job yet. And of course (so goes my reasoning) one can wait forever for all sorts of good things that one wants but doesn't really need, but doesn't one actually need a job? We're trying to be reasonable. We'd take anything. And so I am tempted....

I am tempted to think that God has forgotten.

And I'm tempted to feel a little angry. So, as the weeks slowly march by, I remind myself (and sometimes Brett reminds me) of the same truths that I spoke to myself back in my single days. On my self-pitying-sometimes-whiney days (and also in the days in between) I remind myself that this is 

God's perfect plan.

that His plan is better than mine.

that I am to glorify Him as I wait for His provision,

and not just after.

This might be hard, but God is still good.


  1. we've been in waiting periods in our life too, and these are definitely true and good reminders. "Trust in the Lord and do good: dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness..."

  2. keep up these posts, really good, helpful thoughts-and I love this picture.

  3. Whitney -- I'm not glad to hear that you're in a similar place...but I'm glad to know how I can pray for you! And I will be, every day, as I pray for us...

    Gab -- what an encouraging verse! And especially meaningful right about now...

    Mom -- it's my favorite picture from our trip to Chicago : ) They were waiting for me right outside the conservatory.

  4. I remember seasons of life like this. Been thinking of you and praying for you. Love you and miss you. Could you email your phone number and a good time to know me I'd rather just pick up the phone and call you :)