Monday, August 15, 2011

Last week Brett had an interview in Ohio (right next door to Indiana, I've discovered!). The morning he interviewed, I walked all over the tiny downtown area  looking for places for us to live. Brett had drawn a mile radius of where I should look, which is a nice and organized way to approach the search, don't you think? During my walk

I saw one apartment with carpet from the 70s,
one huge apartment (for $475) that had only one window...and space for three separate dance parties (if only we were in to dance parties),
one apartment that had an enormous space heater hanging from the ceiling...the kind you use to heat a warehouse,
one apartment that had a grungy shower that hadn't been cleaned in a year and a shower head that maybe worked?? 5 years ago??

And then it turned out that the university was offering a bit less than we thought they'd be offering (which makes sense, of course -- Brett's just starting out, after all). And I wondered, how did my parents raise 8 kids and buy a big house, all on a starting teacher's salary???

Things must have been cheaper back then

(or maybe it was because the house needed a lot of work?)

living room, kitchen, bedroom, all in one


  1. Is this your place? did you get the bed in the doorway and around the corner?
    well, our house is old, needed lots of work. . .still needs work-but it's home! we're so excited for you; can't wait for more pics

  2. Excited to read about your new adventures!

  3. So which university? Have you already moved? Looking forward to hearing more about what God has for you in this season of life.

  4. I hope that's the apartment you got because that door frame is fantastic.

  5. Mom -- no, not our place (just one of the options)... and yes, we got the bed in around all the corners! "We" meaning Brett and Dave

    Denise -- we just got internet today, so expect to read more soon!

    Stephanie -- send me your e-mail, and I'll write with all the details!

    Naomi -- yes, the door frame WAS fantastic (as were the windows, which you can't see....mmmm, I love big tall windows). However, the place had absolutely no storage, and wouldn't have worked at all for having people over (teeny-tiny!)

  6. my first kitchen was smaller than that, and had the same size stove/oven! can't wait to see your pics of your place. I was envisioning all the cute ways to decorate those shelves, but I'm sure your place is much better!