Saturday, October 15, 2011

honesty and hospitality

A couple of weeks ago we invited some new friends over for dinner. At the last minute they were unable to make it....Brett was extremely disappointed, while I was secretly relieved. I had made my extra-special, extra-time consuming baguette recipe, and somehow or another, I forgot to include the salt. And to those who have also made that mistake -- there is pretty much no recovering from that sort of mistake, am I right? I was cringing inside as I wondered what I should say as I served that salt-less bread...

I told Brett the next day that I had been more relieved than upset when our guests didn't arrive.

"Hmm," he responded, "is that your pride I hear?"

Yep -- absolutely. And it's good to live with someone who notices it and says something about it.

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  1. hmm,lovely picture, insightful thought, and I've been there with forgetting the salt in bread. . . even when you heavily spread with salted butter, it's just not the same, is it?