Wednesday, August 31, 2011

and the waiting ends

On a Friday not too long ago, Brett interviewed in Bowling Green, Ohio.
Then on Saturday, we said good-bye to friends in Indianapolis.
On Sunday, we had sweet fellowship with our home group in Marion.
On Monday, we wondered all day if we would hear back from the university,
and finally, that evening, we received an e-mail offering Brett the position...meaning he would start a week later.

So on Tuesday we drove 2 1/2 hours to Ohio and signed a lease, and on Wednesday we drove our U-Haul out of Marion, and on Thursday Brett was on campus meeting the rest of the faculty.

We were delighted, and overwhelmed, and unbelieving, sometimes all at once. We'd been packing boxes for two weeks, knowing that come August we would have to move. Marion is just not a happening place when it comes to architecture, and if you've been to Marion, you know what I mean! We had been telling people that we were trusting that God would take us wherever He wanted us....and we had been reminding each other of that when at home.

It makes me a little teary, now, as I think of how He did indeed, take us exactly where He wants us.

taking a break between moving in the couch and moving in the bed frame


  1. Oh,my, poor Brett! I love the windows in your new place, but mainly I love remembering the story of the wait and God's perfect provision.

  2. p.s. every day I check to see if there is a new post . . . every day I am disappointed. sigh. how's that for a guilt trip? :) - - I guess you're spending all your computer time sending wonderful, personal emails, huh?