Monday, December 3, 2012

our First Day of Christmas

We had plans to shop for our Christmas tree on Friday, but Brett's schedule changed and the outing had to be postponed. Instead, Ivan and I worked on our Christmas tree ornaments (seeing as we would have a tree soonish and we had abosulutely nothing to put on it...well, nothing except some sweet balls we inherited from LaVerne and some trains from Brett's youth).   Because Ivan was sick and slept most of the day, I had some extra time to commit to my felty balls. All the same, I only got two done that first day -- I told Brett I thought they each took about half an hour, but after he watched me make one that evening, we concluded they take a bit longer. More like an hour an a half?  I'm a wise woman, and I decided six is my limit:

So if you're interested and have the time, go here for the great little tutorial. They're definitley budget friendly, so that might make it worth your time. Later on in the day when Ivan finally got up I scrubbed his face real good (you can't even tell he's sick, can you!) and stuck him in his high chair with the felt scraps....that way he could participate in the decorating in his own little way. I expected him to go to town, seeing as they're not a real toy, but he surprised me. Sometimes he looked like this:

but mostly he looked like this. Well, I guess it's nice that the little guy is loving the camera these days...

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