Tuesday, December 4, 2012

our Second Day of Christmas

On Saturday we had our first family christmas outing: we cut our own tree. Although to be fair, Brett did the cutting while all I did was take pictures (but documenting is important, too, don't you think?) We went to a little Christmas tree farm right down the road; Brett lamented it wasn't snowing, I told him I was glad it wasn't snowing, and Ivan, our ever cheerful son, was grumpy. Six hours later, the tree was up and (mostly) decorated. That's my sweet, Christmas-loving, hard-working  husband for you. If it were me, it probably wouldn't be decorated at all for another two weeks (at least. and even that's doubtful).

ivan finally perked up at the end to help out with the tree skirt...


  1. I like the photo of Brett hauling away the tree; that's what are men are suppose to do, kill it and drag it home, right?
    To think that you have a tree farm just up the road. I'm a little jealous-

  2. me too. totally jealous. and I'm loving your ideas.